Huda beauty rose gold palette from aliexpress | Swatches & review| fake |

Huda beauty rose gold palette from aliexpress | Swatches & review

Disclaimer : this video is in no way meant to persuade  or promote the buying and selling of replica products from 3rd party websites.  These are requested videos, informative, and strictly  to provide a more accurate  review of these products .
Please exercise  caution and good judgement when using these products , as we do not know the true ingredients  and they could potentially  cause bodily harm  , adverse reactions, and cause longterm damage as a result of it’s usage.

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(from AliExpress Android)


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**it is so important that we realize how deep the counterfeit makeup culture actually is

What is a counterfeit product?

A counterfeit product is an illegal imitation of a name brand product. Counterfeit products may look like the brand name product, but are made with inferior ingredients and are low quality. Counterfeit products are illegal to buy and sell because they infringe trademarks and copyrights and deceive consumers.

Counterfeit products do not go through such a vigorous process because it is very costly. This is one of the reasons why counterfeit products are sold at a lower cost. Counterfeit products pose a health risk due to the fact that lower grade and untested ingredients are used.

We strongly discourage anyone from purchasing counterfeit products.


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