Electronic Gel Polish Steamer/Remover || AliExpress

Electronic Gel Polish Steamer/Remover || AliExpress

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Hi Ladies! 🙋🏻💕 I hope everyone is have a lovely day. I’ve purchased this cool electronic gel polish steamer from AliExpress lately and wanted to share it with you all. It’s new super easy way to remove your gel manicure at home in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. Now we all know soaking them can be really time consuming let alone drying to the nail. Well this is a fantastic alternative to that. You basically pour 5-10mls of Acetone into the dish inside the machine and turn on. Heating takes 1-2 mins and then you place all 5 fingers into the machine at once. The steam does the rest! It doesn’t feel hot for the fingers at all and works really efficiently and effectively. I recommend it and won’t be going back to soaking my nails now.

Here is the direct link to the seller I purchased it from on ALIEXPRESS. At the time I paid NZD $39.06 and shipping took 9 days!


I have not been sent this item or been paid for review. I am not affiliated with this seller. This is a product I genuinely have enjoyed using and just wanted to share my experience with you!

I love nail art. I’m not a professional nail artist, just self taught. I like all things creative and find doing nail art designs a great tool for expressing this. And hey you get to carry your masterpiece around with to you to admire at anytime!

I use lots of different techniques to complete my looks and don’t stick to one theme. I like switching it up for each mani. I like nail stamping the most but I also do decals, reverse/advanced stamping, lead-lighting, foils, water decal and double stamping. Designs with an Asian theme are my favourite even though I haven’t done many myself I’ve admired other people’s creations. I range my designs from florals, to geometric, to Aztec to Asian and everything in between!

I never claim originality, my ideas come from lots of different influences.

I purchase all my own products unless otherwise stated.

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