Aliexpress Queen hair Products Review First impressions

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Hey Girlies,
Purpleblush Here. In the video I am reviewing or giving you my first impression of the Aliexpress Queen hair products. I got four bundles of hair and paid around $97. I bought the Brazilian loosewave hair in the inches 12,14,16, and 18. Shipping took about 3 business days, which is pretty fast. So on to the hair…. The hair was quite nice itself , but it has a corn chip smell to it. I co-washed the hair twice and the smell would not leave. I found a way to get rid of the smell. The hair has little to no shedding and does not tangle.There were no spit ends on the hair. I am in love with this hair. Stay tuned of My One week review on the Aliexpress Queen hair porducts Brazilian loosewave.

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