Aliexpress Product Review

All products I am doing a review on, are my personal opinions. I have many more products to do so stay tuned! Thank You For watching! Please comment like and subscribe.
All products you can get at

Just a Tip for shopping online in general ALWAYS look at the reviews!

1. Mink Eyelashes $1.13
2. Vinyl Background $5.50
3.Two Faced Sweet Peach $9.50
4. Two Faced Chocolate Bon Bon $9.50
5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette $8.83
6. Tarte Empower Flower Palette $10.40
7. 10pcs Brushes $4.99
8. Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette $8.16
9. Long Sleeve Shirt $5.50
10. Iphone Headphones $2.84
11. NARS Narsisst $12.15
12. Kabuki Flat Top Brush $1.14
13. Fan Brush $1.59
14. 16 Slot Game Card Holding $1.30

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