Aliexpress Hair Review | Affordable Virgin Brazilian Hair

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I got 3 bundles 24,26,28 and installed it on a upart
I will be taking this hair out this week to do two new hair reviews for you guys so I’m leaving my month update here in the description box and vid. In all the hair was good .The two issues i had were the ends got worse and dry out quick if your a heat lover like myself. So if your getting longer length hair(18 inch and up) get it longer and trim your ends to avoid the issues i had. Also do not DO NOT bleach this hair unless you only want a brown color. it tells you not to on the site but I’m hard headed lol.i bleached mines dark blonde and my hair dried up bad so i had to restore it. This hair is grade 4a so this is why you can’t use much heat or bleach it etc cause the hair can’t handle it. this is also why the hair is cheap. For the price the hair is good but if you plan on long term use this hair isn’t strong enough for that but for holiday wear or one or two month wear this hair can be good for that. But the hair looks great still is soft holds curl etc those were just my issues with it. Hope this helped you guys. Any more questions feel free to ask :). Also look forward to my two new reviews !


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