15 Things I Got From ALIEXPRESS.COM | Aliexpress Review

Direct links to items here Hey everyone, Clara Meaghan has done an amazing job on updating the list with current links for all of the items!! Here it is: 1.

In this video I tried to include as much info as possible about different things I got from this site –

clothing, accessories, wristwatches, and beauty things – false lashes.
Information you can find on this video – original photos, price, shipping time, details about the items, try on’s, + how to solve any problems with the items.
If you have any other questions or if something is not clear, leave a comment down below and I will try to help you! ^_^

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MUSIC by danosongs.com, West In The Shadows
PHOTOS: by me or from aliexpress.com

This is not a sponsored video, all the things included in this video I have bought from my own money.


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